About Martin Welberg also known as milocomarty. Martins primary modeling interest is coastal narrow gauge railroads and models in On30. Recent advances in HO pre war dutch railroads have rekindled an interest there, as well. In addition to model railroading Martin also enjoys photography, collecting guitars and playing  in local psychobilly band.

Furniture designer and maker, besides that a professional layout builder and producer of finescale scenery. Trying to set the brand “Martin Welberg” into the market for those who like a natural look on their layout.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Martin, I’ll have to go to a friends house to make copies of the plans. As is always the case I just 2 weeks ago through them out figuring I’ll never need them again. They’re in the Narrow Gauge Gazette issue JUL/AUG 1981, page 50. my issues only go back to the mid-ninties. Send me your email address. Mine is:

  2. Hi Martin,
    we really like your work 🙂
    I personally invite you to show some pictures of the railroad on our community website
    which allows artists from similar arts ( diorama, model railraods, miniature, penjing, bonsai,..) showcase their creations to inspire others and be inspired
    will be great if you join us !

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