Last in the row

This is the last in the row of the wild verge line, type D. Comes with or without weeds. Dug out Mike the mechanic to for reference of the size. Mike is a 1:50 scale Preiser figure.


Wild Shrubbery

Working recently on a wild shrubbery mat, still in the test phase but I still do like to show development pictures..they will come in a range of 5 and the colors will match my A to E type mats

Commissions on trees

Had a lot of doubts lately. Been asked a lot if I want to build trees for customers. With the business going more and more to model railroading I thought what the heck I can do that. So from now on I start building trees on demand. Not sure yet what the actual pricing will be. But it will not be for bargain prices. The trees I offer are to labour-intensive to be in a standard price range but they sure look way better then much other trees on the market.

So if anyone is interested drop me a line through mail or face book..





Besides modelrailroads I’m working on materials others can use on theirs. One of the things I’ll produce are grassmats on a very thin fabric. Easy to cut, rip and tear. The productline still expanding but I’ll try to post a couple already in stock. First one will be the forestfloor a multi techniques product available in spring and late summer..





Late summer…




A short introduction

About Martin Welberg Scenery’nStuff. Although I’m not a blogger I try to start a new blog on my scenery work. Seperate from the Cardigan Bay Coastal Railroad I’m working on grassmats and other scenery products. What I like to do is to blog my experiences.From now on that will be done here..

Regards Martin