Commissions on trees

Had a lot of doubts lately. Been asked a lot if I want to build trees for customers. With the business going more and more to model railroading I thought what the heck I can do that. So from now on I start building trees on demand. Not sure yet what the actual pricing will be. But it will not be for bargain prices. The trees I offer are to labour-intensive to be in a standard price range but they sure look way better then much other trees on the market.

So if anyone is interested drop me a line through mail or face book..




Modeling trees part 2

Still in the tree building mood. Besides Pine trees I do like decideous trees alot. Last build I did where a couple of Birches. Some research was necessary becaus there are alot of diverent type of Betula trees. Most common over here are the ones with the hanging branches or the Betula Pendula, more common to the parts of the US I’m modeling is the paperbirch, Betula Papyrifea..

When I start modeling birchtrees I like to think in groups, most trees don’t grow solitary but with a couple in a group together..






Modeling trees part 1

Besides my passion for good looking scale grasses and weeds I do love to model trees. Did start a couple of days ago on some Eastern White Pines. As the Maine state tree I do think they’ll fit my layout very well. Build from simple materials like wooden dowels, florist wire and MDF sawdust, colored with cheap latex wallpaint and camouflage rattlecans. Adding additional branches with grassfibers and the Noch grasmaster I finished them with Woodland Scenics fine turf..